automaker sees good sales potential for its Chevy

## ## Manchester United sponsorship deal DETROIT One bad season for Manchester United has not shaken General Motors’ belief in its $559 million (415 million euro) sponsorship deal with the English soccer club. The logo of Chevrolet, GM’s global volume brand, appeared on players’ jerseys for the first time last Wednesday, when United beat theContinue reading “automaker sees good sales potential for its Chevy”

That means a postseason in November

Lots of ideas floating around to salvage the season Q: Hey Mr. Neal. I’ve been wondering about the baseballs. Was there any sign in the abbreviated spring training that another big home run year was in the making for MLB? Andy Froelich, Park Rapids A: I didn’t notice anything substantial, but have read elsewhere whereContinue reading “That means a postseason in November”

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